Bird Repellent Gel in De Beauvoir Town

Bird Repellent Gels and Liquids correctly applied in De Beauvoir Town are a very effective bird deterrent measure preventing the birds roosting on ledges and flat surfaces.

Use of Bird Gels and Liquids in De Beauvoir Town

The usual sign of a pigeons is guano that they leave when perching on a sill or roof. Careful application of a bird repellent gel can be a very effective pest prevention solution as part of an integrated pigeon proofing program.

The gels essentially leave a surface uncomfortable for the bird to perch on and are completely safe and humane as the bird does not actually stick to the gel - it can fly away.

gel application De Beauvoir Town

bird gel application

Bird Gels are effective for small and large birds and we will advise on application and suitability for your particular bird problem.

In De Beauvoir Town we can offer complete pest control services so Call now 0787 983 0257 or 0203 588 0095 for a no obligation quote.!

Building design strongly affect what pigeon pest control measures we use and a site survey may be required. We will need access to install a bird proofing system and are happy to work the hours to suit you.

For long term pest control solutions we can design a pest control maintenance plan.

repellent gel bird controlDe Beauvoir Town

Bird Repellent Gel would prevent this ..

Our full range of pest control services..

  • Installation of netting De Beauvoir Town
  • Gel application
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird Deterrents

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